Celebrity Net Worth of Popular Film Makers

Being that I am a huge fan of film, I very much enjoy keeping tabs on my favorite directors.  While being a successful director can sometimes be hit and miss, and that some directors have huge hits and then disappear into nowhere, it is always interesting to me to look at lists of celebrity net worth in order to see who the most successful film directors in the world are.  Of course, independent film makers are not likely to be on any of these lists unless they were able to come up with huge hit films out of the blue, but there are many film makers who actually began in the independent industry and were later able to build great careers with major motion picture companies in order to grow their worth.  It really all just depends upon whether or not they were able to build a big enough fan base.

    Now, there have been some independent films that have become huge box office smashes, and when that happens there is generally more net profit generated because of the fact that an independent film is generally working on a lower budget than a film from a major production company is.  Still, there are many directors out there who are known by just about everyone because of the films that they have directed over their careers but have still not turned out to be filthy rich.  It also ought to be pointed out that the amount of money that a film earns at the box office does not necessarily mean that the film was of high quality.  There have been a number of critically panned films over the years that have brought in a whole lot of revenue.

celebrity net worth

    Then there are the classic film makers who have generally worked with big production companies in order to put their movies out, and have also made films that have been considered to be absolute classics.  These are generally the film makers who will be on the list of most wealthy directors, as they have not only been able to extend their careers over a lot of years, but have also made films that people consider to be great while they have also generated a whole lot of money.  Someone like Martin Scorsese is an example of a director who has been involved in a bunch of major films that have done well at the box office while also being critically acclaimed.

    No matter what kinds of films you enjoy, or who your favorite directors are, taking a look at the amount of money that directors have been able to make is definitely an interesting topic of discussion.  The wealth of a film maker certainly does not indicate whether or not he or she is a quality film maker, but lists like this will give you a good idea as to which of the major film makers are the best.  It is definitely something interesting to discuss.